Fucking Annoying Questions…

When is the first SGDM book out?

We’re aiming to have Book one ready for San Diego Comic Con 2013, (barring any unforeseen disasters, or long naps)

Who the fuck are you two anyway?

Rufus Dayglo is the artist who helped relaunch TANK GIRL with writer Alan Martin, and drew 6 series of Tank Girl, he’s also worked for DC Vertigo, 2000ad, IDW, Image, and 3A toys (Ashley Wood’s company). He likes toy robots, cheap wine, and cheaper women. He enjoys Kit Kats and luke warm black coffee.

Sofie Dodgson is making her comics writing debut on SGDM. She previously worked with Rufus colouring Tank Girl (We hate Tank Girl, and Bad Wind Rising) and has a dark, murky past strewn with unanswered Police warrants. Approach with caution… or biscuits at least.

Will there be toys and cool shit?

Yes, we are working with 3A Toys and have designed toys (1/6 scale figues! Woop woop!), t-shirts, Limited Edition Prints, Stickers, etc. We’re hoping to have them ready for the book launch too!

Where can I get/order the book?

We’ll have links on this website when it can be ordered. It will be available internationally. Don’t fucking panic.

Can I be friends with you guys?

If you’ve got lots of Lego we can nick, kinder eggs you’re willing to share, and a really fast push bike…maybe. Rufus is on Facebook. Sofie’s not on FB, as she hates everyone.